Our Statement on your Privacy

What information do we collect?
When you join Busy District, we ask for some information that will identify you to us as a user. This information includes your name, email address, and a password. We may also ask you to supply a handful of demographic statistics during survey periods. This is for aggregate and polling purposes only in order to serve you better. It is not stored with your other information, and can not ever be associated with you or your account – even by Busy District.

We also collect statistical data about the orders being placed by Busy District users. This information is also aggregrate, and is not associated with you or your account.

What do you do with this information?
Busy District never supplies your personal information to any third party for advertising or promotional purposes. If you owe money to Busy District and we’re unable to collect it, we may need to give your contact information to a third party for collection purposes. We will occasionally use your email address to send you information regarding Busy District   products and the services we provide. Your username and password are stored in our database, and can only be changed by you once you have logged into the system.

The information we collect about user habits and statistics is summarized, and we provide basic information to our advertisers on the general product categories and articles our members
are interested in.

Is my information secure?
Your personal information is protected by your password. Never share this password with anyone.Busy District will never contact you to ask for your password. We have taken steps to ensure our databases are secure,and are confident in our ability to keep your information safe.

What about cookies?
Busy District stores a cookie on your computer to track you while you are on the site. The information in this cookie is a string of characters that is meaningless to everyone and everything except our server. No personal information or bid information is stored in the cookie. The information in the cookie can not be used by third parties to gain access to your account information.

Also, third party services or advertisers linked to our site such as Google Ad sense or Analytics may also request to place cookies on your computer for tracking purpose and analytics. Note that the information in the cookie can not be used by third parties to gain access to your account

Still have questions?
We realize everyone has a different view on privacy. We take your privacy very seriously. If you still have concerns, or are unclear about any aspect of our privacy policy, please contact us using the button below.

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